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While many people start their day reading the news I — on the other hand — love scrolling Instagram while sipping my morning coffee. The news can be such a downer, and I like to kick off the day feeling uplifted. It’s pretty crazy how looking at beautiful images and reading inspiring messages really shifts my mood for the better. No really, you should try it. Trade the doldrums of reading political banter first thing for taking a look at these beautiful, fun, and inspiring feeds created by some fabulous women.

Here are some of my favorite ladies to follow:

Ami Vitale: National Geographic Photographer

amivitaleFollow @AmiVitale

Ami Vitale’s work is something else, I mean really. She’s not just one of those people who claims “I’m a photographer;” she’s extremely talented and tells really intriguing stories through her images from around the world. Check out her feed to get your cultural fix and learn something interesting about other countries.

Kristen Kellogg: Border Free Travels

borderfreetravelsFollow @BorderFreeTravels

Explore the world through lens of Kristen Kellogg. Based in Nantucket, her dreamy feed offers plenty of beautiful, relaxing East Coast landscapes, but she’s also out in the world exploring everything rugged to refined. I love her work from a recent trip to Africa.

Earthy Andy: Hawaiian Health & Lifestyle

earthyandyFollow @EarthyAndy

I love Andy’s feed for many reasons. First of all, she lives in Hawaii (nuff said), so yes you get your ample fix of absolutely beautiful island landscape and lifestyle shots. I’d love to live in Hawaii, but for now it’s fun to do it vicariously. Second, this girl releases some stellar and delicious plant-based recipes that are as yummy as they are gawk-worthy. Great meal ideas galore.

Emelina Spinelli: Branding, LA Life, and More

ecspinelliFollow @ECSpinelli

Creative marketing juggernaut Emelina Spinelli just radiates fun. Her feed feels like, “woo hoo,” and she also doles out tons of free branding advice to her followers. You’ll also occasionally catch those beautiful coffee captures we all love, plus you’ll get a glimpse into what makes LA fun.

Lauren Bullen, Gysea_Sealust

gypsea_lustFollow @Gypsea_Lust

I almost feel like Lauren’s feed should speak for itself. But to give you an idea, I basically look at her feed and start packing my suitcase. Her shots from far flung places are exotic, bohemian, and colorful. Craving time in the Malidives? You got it.

Amber Rae, Inspirational Artist of Mystery

heyamberraeFollow @HeyAmberRae

Writer, speaker, and artist Amber Rae is full of curious and inspirational insights. She’s always creating something compelling and also challenging me to think differently about things with phrases such as, “I didn’t promise myself a comfortable life. I promised myself a true one,” and important reminders like, “you are filled with magic and light.”

Sarah Lee, Underwater Photographer

hisarahleeFollow @HiSarahLee

Sarah Lee is a super talented underwater photographer. Her shots are dreamy, enlivening, and very intriguing. Considering I don’t spend a ton of time underwater, it’s like a preview into another world all together.

Jewelszee, Aussie Travel Extraordinaire

jewelszeeFollow @Jewelszee

I’ve been following Jewelszee for years now, namely because her images just make me go, “ahhhhhhh.” Based in Australia, Jewelszee gives me my daily dose of nature, which helps me celebrate the splendor of the natural world.

Krystal Brandt, Lifecoach

Follow @KrystalBrandt

Krystal is a super high-powered life coach who can help you resolve just about anything in life and then walk away from it feeling powerful. Her feed is full of not just inspirational phrases like these but also Hell-Yes photo captions that motivate you think differently about this little thing called life.

René Daniella, OwnByFemme

ownbyfemmeFollow @OwnByFemme

Hanging out on the OwnByFemme feed is like taking a triple shot of happiness espresso. My gal pal René leaves you energized and optimistic about life with her uplifting words of inspiration and energetic bachata moves. Definitely a feed to give you an extra pick-me-up, plus fashion and health advice.

Melissa, Findley: Adventure Photographer

melissafindleyFollow @MelissaFindley

Look in the dictionary under Wanderlust and you’ll probably spot a picture of photographer Melissa Findley. If you’ve been curious what destination is calling you, turn here. She’ll take you everywhere from Vanuatu to Australia to Bali.

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