50 Simple Ways to Add More Fun to Your Day


Does any of this sound familiar?

You are bored as heck wishing your day-to-day life had more pizzazz instead of marching to and from work day-in-day-out like a zombie.

You can’t stop thinking about how everyone else has it so much better than you do.

You constantly ask why something good can’t happen to you this time around.

After going through some sort of life crisis you feel beyond ready to feel good again, but don’t know where to start.

Listen, because I love you I’m going to tell you something meaningful, but also firm. Ready?

You are in charge of your well-being. You are the creator of your life.

I am sending you a heartfelt hug as I say that to you because I understand life can throw some crazy unexpected ish in your direction and there are plenty of things that happen beyond our control. I’m not trying to be insensitive by telling you that you are in charge. Effectively, I am reminding you of your personal power to change your circumstance. There are 101 things that can happen to you. While it might feel as though your life is over, it isn’t because there are also 101 things you can do about it. If you are reading this, it means you’re still alive, which means you have the power to grab your life by the reigns and take it in the direction you’d like to go.

Consider adversity an invitation to make the ultimate comeback.

Before you blast Rocky music then sprint out your front door in a cape, try keeping things simple at first. Sometimes all you need to start getting back on track and make life feel more exciting again is a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ to spice things up. Creating excitement is not an all or nothing trade off. As in, I either move to Thailand or continue my miserable life at home.

Creating a sensation of joy in your everyday life starts with small steps that increase your sensation of happiness, curiosity, change, and play. It’s the little things that matter most because it’s important to take some sort of action right now, instead of delaying your well-being for some unforeseeable day in the future. I repeat: taking small action steps today matters most. If you want to move to Thailand because you think it’ll help that’s cool, make those plans. Getting everything in place to achieve that goal might take a hot second, so in the mean time do something right now to start experiencing that feeling of excitement you crave.

Now that I’ve bored you with my excessive banter, let’s get going. Here’s 50 ways to punch up your day with joy:

1. Start your day with a dance party

2. Jump on your bed (it’s actually more fun as an adult than you think)

3. Strike up a convo with a stranger

4. Search for flights to that place you’ve always wanted to go

5. Try hula hooping

6. Ask someone to tell you their best grandpa joke

7. Cook a new recipe for dinner

8. Wear crazy colored underwear underneathe your work clothes

9. Make a happiness Pinterest board


10. Write a quick gratitude text to a friend

11. Plan something fun for the week ahead so you have something to look forward to

12. Record yourself lip syncing your anthem then share it on social media to encourage others

13. Volunteer to walk dogs at a shelter, or to walk your friend’s dog

14. Ask someone for a hug

15. Paint your nails crazy colors 

16. Invite a friend to play frisbee

17. Look at pictures of people laughing

18. Finger paint 

19. Watch some standup comedy

20. Listen to an inspirational podcast on the way to work

21. Get outside and get some sunshine (you need that vitamin D)

22. Do a random act of kindness

23. Make pancakes for breakfast on a Tuesday

24. Write down five things you are grateful for

25. Find a creative way to meet up with friends instead of just meeting for drinks

26. Read about Autocorrect fails (those always make me laugh)

27. Look at old pictures of friends

28. Buy yourself a sexy robe

29. Find swings at a park, and go for it

30. Light a really delicious smelling candle

31. Buy yourself flowers (and maybe a bouquet for someone else)

32. When you meet someone new, hug them instead of shaking their hand

33. Call up an old friend out of the blue

34. Compliment someone while you’re out and about

35. Take an improv comedy class

36. Be a tourist in your own town

37. Try laughter yoga

38. Find a reason to wear a costume

39. Go to a pet store and pet the animals

40. Attempt an interesting dance class (like hula or Bollywood)

41. Get a new hair cut

42. Rearrange your furniture

43. Go somewhere to enjoy the sunset

44. Wake up to enjoy the sunrise

45. Wear something bright colored

46. Get the gang together for karaoke

47. If you live near a body of water, jump on in!

48. Host an old school movie night

49. Enjoy a meal you can eat with your hands (like Ethiopian)

50. Have an electricity-free evening: think dinner and a book by candle light


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