How to Overcome the Pain of Loss, a Conversation with Marilyn O’Malley


I’ve known life coach Marilyn O’Malley for the better part of my life. She has celebrated with me in times of joy and she has also helped me through big life challenges. I am happy to share a conversation with Marilyn where we discuss what it takes to make it through the loss of a loved one and other major life challenges.  In this chat, she and I dive deep to discuss the types of tools that can help you cope, from deep breathing exercises to get you reconnected to your body to multiple ways to reframe the story you tell yourself about grief. We both want to encourage you to continue to move forward in a way that feels supportive and aligned with who you really are and the person that you can grow to be out of this experience. I hope you enjoy this talk, and I hope the tools and topics we cover are beneficial to your healing.

More about Marilyn

Marilyn O’Malley is an intuitive empowerment coach guiding sensitive and creative women who struggle with both personal and professional challenges regarding relationships, money, confidence and life/work balance, so they can learn to love, live and matter more deeply. Marilyn helps her clients remove the blocks, beliefs and habits holding them back from feeling safe and empowered to authentically stand out, speak up and live their purpose.

Follow Marilyn on Facebook here, or visit her website. Additionally, Marilyn still has a few spots available in her Rockstar Relationships Program, which will help you attract the love of your life and deepen the love you already have. Who doesn’t want that??

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