A pub crawl by helicopter? Yes, it’s real.

Video by Refilmery Inc.

I was standing in the grass when the helicopter blades began to spin, sending dust and alfalfa shoots into the air. At 10 a.m. the rushing hot wind felt as sober as I did in that moment before we boarded the aircraft. I covered my ears to stave the echoing engine and jumped into the cockpit. Within minutes we cut through the cloudless sky and began our journey into the Outback.

In the Northern Territory, vast distances separate local pubs, so to experience all of them in a single day the most convenient — and bad ass way — to hop between one and the next is by helicopter. To get a taste of the local brews and lifestyle, watch the video of the tour above. It’s about as wild out there as you’d imagine, especially after you’ve had a few beers.

Special thanks to Airborne Solutions for giving us a lift, literally.

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